You Will Need 7 Best Places To Live In New Jersey For The Better Life

best places to live in new jersey

It’s hard to pick the best place to live in New Jersey because the entire state is so amazing. For your benefit, we’ve determined that this request requires a final response. Therefore, to determine the best location to reside in New Jersey, we used data and analysis. We specifically examined housing prices, crime rates, unemployment rates, and other aspects of quality of life statewide. Here is a list of the best places to live in New Jersey.

The Best Places To Live In New Jersey With Top 7 Places

Park Ridge

Park Ridge

Park Ridge, a county of 8,721 people located about an hour and a half north of Newark, is rated as the best place to live in New Jersey.

First, Park Ridge is one of the safest and best places to live in new jersey, registering the second-lowest total crime rate in the state – Park Ridge’s crime rate is almost half that of the nation.

But it’s not just safe streets. Park Ridge has some of New Jersey’s top schools, with its elementary school in the top 5% statewide and its high school winning the GreatSchools College Success Award.

There is no doubt that education plays an important role in bringing poverty and unemployment rates down to extremely low levels. In fact, Park Ridge has a median home price of $604,500 and a median household income of $143,103.

The Wortendyke Dutch Barn Museum offers an exceptional historical perspective on the origins of Bergen County if you’re looking for fun things to do nearby. In addition, Newark’s proximity to you will help meet your entertainment needs. After all, the Prudential Center regularly hosts events like New Jersey Devils concerts and games.


In Roseland, the second best place to live in New Jersey, it’s simple to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. We are not alone in singing hosannas here; New Jersey monthly calls Roseland one of the best places in New Jersey. Roseland, the oldest community on this list at 44 years old, offers a mature and balanced lifestyle that will appeal to many.

However, if you are a devoted supporter of the Grand Old Party, Roseland may not have a pleasant fragrance to you. Roseland is one of the most liberal communities in New Jersey, with more than 75% of the population identifying as Democrats. But hey, being in the New Jersey Autonomous City with the 13th lowest unemployment rate and 12th highest health care insurance rates can make it easy to put political disagreements aside.

Living in Roseland near Newark is a pleasure. Depending on your preferences, you can take a photo of cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park in just 20 minutes or give a shout-out at an event at the Prudential Center.

Fair Haven

Fair Haven 

his is another of the best places to live in New Jersey. Fair Haven is a municipality in Monmouth County with a population of 5,833 and is rated as the 5th best place to live in New Jersey. At Raven & the Peach, you can enjoy a delicious meal while listening to live jazz or piano, or you can find peace in nature at nearby Hartshorne Woods Park. Fair Haven has you insured.

In terms of family friendliness, 50.45% of families in Fair Haven have kids, so you know people think it’s a great place to raise kids. Given that Fair Haven public schools have an average of 9/10 on GreatSchools and test scores here are among the top 5% statewide, the facts really support that claim.

In Fair Haven, 76% of people have a bachelor’s degree or higher, of which a staggering 30% have a master’s degree or higher, so you’d better start studying if you don’t want to embarrass yourself on a quiz night at the pub. Fair Haven also has the second-highest percentage of residents with health insurance in New Jersey, at 97.9%.

However, if a crime results in any injury, you will not be claiming that coverage. In 2020, Fair Haven has the fifth-lowest overall crime rate.

Glen Rock

Glen Rock

With a population of 11,747, Glen Rock is a county about 5 miles northeast of Paterson. Some of the same factors that made us choose Glen Rock as one of the coolest places in New Jersey to raise a family also made Glen Rock appear as one of the best places to live in New Jersey. for example, there are local public schools with a GreatSchools rating of 8/10, including a high school that has won awards for college achievement. Plus, there are family-friendly attractions nearby like Great Paterson Falls.

Glen Rock, where the youngest average age on this list is 38, could be your top pick if you prioritize living in an active, trendy community. And because of these young people, New Jersey has the 24th lowest crime rate in the nation, nearly 80% lower than the national average.


Waldwick, the other good place on the list of the best places to live in Newersey, will remain in County Bergen. Homes in Waldwick are among the most affordable on this list, starting at $462,200. Even with the low cost of living, Waldwick has the second-highest median household income of $127,574/year among the cities we’re focusing on. New Jersey’s ninth-lowest unemployment rate is 2.4%. Waldwick has a food stamp usage rate of just 2.3%, so you know the local economy is thriving without government support.

Waldwick is a liveable neighborhood because of its low crime rate and high academic achievement. The Waldwick Museum will appeal to anyone interested in train history.

North Caldwell

North Caldwell

The affluent New York City suburb of North Caldwell is one of the best places to live in New Jersey for many reasons. For starters, North Caldwell has the second-lowest crime rate in New Jersey and is nearly 90% below the state average.
The great standard of living everyone experiences is one of the things that keeps North Caldwell safe. For example, North Caldwell has both poverty and unemployment rates below 2%. And North Caldwell ranks as the most insured community in New Jersey, with 99.7% of residents having some type of health insurance.
It’s important to remember that the high standard of living that North Caldwell offers doesn’t come cheap. After all, it has been designated as New Jersey’s wealthiest location. Despite having a high median home price of $739,500, residents have the 7th highest median household income in the state, at $188,750 annually.


Westfield, which has a population of 29,690 and is located west of Newark, is the largest community on this list of best places to live in New Jersey. The most exciting area to live in among the cities we’re reviewing here is probably downtown Westfield, a regional hotspot with plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment options.

You can tell people in Westfield the value of education because more than 75% of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This academic commitment has led to a number of financial achievements. like earning $158,323 per year, which ranks as the 16th highest median household income in the state. Or have the 17th highest percentage of residents with health insurance in the state—98.1%—and a poverty rate of just 2.4%. And with a perfect 10/10 score in Educational Snacking, you best believe the next generation of Westfield is well-positioned to continue the region’s legacy of excellence.

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