Top 10 romantic and best things to do in London for couples dating

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Given that London is such a great city for a memorable date or a special occasion night out, there are many and various things to do in London for couples there. London will treat you to an appropriate place, whether you’re on a tight budget or trying to impress by splashing the cash, whether you’re wanting to laugh together or simply to relax in each other’s company. See our list of the top things to do in London for couples.

Things to do in London for couples

1. London Eye

London Eye- Things to do in London for couples

To coincide with the UK capital’s Millennium celebrations, the London Eye was initially intended to be a temporary attraction. But because it was so well-liked, it remained open and has been there ever since. It is situated on the South Bank of the Thames and offers views of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.

Reserve a private pod on the London Eye for a romantic encounter to remember. If you want to impress a special someone, you won’t find a more romantic location than “Cupid’s Capsules,” especially when the sun sets and lights illuminate London’s most recognizable buildings.

2. Thames RIB

Thames RIB

Exciting, fast-moving cruises down the River Thames are available from Thames RIB. The most private boat excursion is typically thought to be a dinner cruise, but how about an adventurous journey that shockingly can become even more romantic? On the Thames, a few businesses offer RIB experiences that are intended to pump couples’ adrenaline.

As they attempt to avoid the water that splashes over the side, you and your companion will enjoy the humorous commentary as well as the chance to get near to one another. It’s a thrilling journey, but one that will leave you two holding hands and beaming broadly as you enjoy London’s riverfront monuments in a special way.

3. St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral- Things to do in London for couples

A unique “whispering gallery” can be found in this ancient church.

Christopher Wren created the St. Paul’s Cathedral, a beloved landmark in London for more than three centuries. This structure is among the most remarkable in the city due to its spectacular dome and exquisite interior.

For lovers visiting London, a visit to the famous Whispering Gallery is a must. You can go around the inside of the cathedral’s dome by ascending the 259 stairs. Talk gently into the room’s wall. Your partner can hear you from the other side since sound waves travel around its perimeter.

4. Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Greenwich Park offers a nice stroll that leads to the Royal Observatory. A good incentive to take a detour to this area of the city is that it is perched high on a hill, where the renowned observatory played a significant role in the advancement of our knowledge of astronomy and navigation.

Another justification is to take a selfie of your couple while they are straddling the Greenwich Meridian. This very significant line of longitude is marked on the ground by a brass strip. However, if you want to get the most out of your date, plan your trip to coincide with one of the observatory’s sporadic stargazing sessions or, if you go in February, this has one of the special Valentine’s Day programs.

5. Little Venice

Little Venice

London’s rivers are beautiful and serene.

The charming waterways and unique cafés of London’s Little Venice are well-known. It’s unbelievable that a place so calm and serene could be so close to bustling neighborhoods like Camden and Paddington. In this rather chaotic metropolis, it truly is a haven of tranquility.

Because of this, Little Venice is the ideal location for a romantic stroll as you ponder what life would be like if you resided in one of the opulent townhouses that line the canals. At the meeting of the Regent’s and Grand Union canals, a few boat companies offer trips to enjoy the moment and converse without interruptions while on a tranquil boat cruise.

6. The Serpentine, Hyde Park

The Serpentine, Hyde Park

The second-largest Royal Park in the heart of London is Hyde Park. The Serpentine, a lovely lake built in 1730 per Queen Caroline’s instructions, is located inside the 142-ha area.

The lake has been split into two distinct bodies of water by a bridge since the 1820s. There are also 2 boathouses, the older of which was built in 1903 by the Royal Humane Society. Hire a pedal boat or row boat during the summer. Alternatively, the larger SolarShuttle can be seen gliding over to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain if the first option is too much work. The Serpentine’s southern shore is home to this memorial.

7. Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is the most prestigious opera venue in London, bringing in top artists for shows with opulent sets. It’s in bustling Covent Garden, at the center of the city’s theater district. The neighborhood is one of the liveliest places to go after supper.

Attend a performance and experience the intense feelings evoked by some of history’s most well-known operas, created by composers like Puccini, Mozart, Verdi, and Rossini. The Royal Opera House is renowned for its entrancing ballet presentations that seamlessly combine grace and skill. An inspirational evening for a memorable date night in London is guaranteed by the shared experience of attending a live concert in such a historic location.

8. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

On a high ridge above the city, Hampstead Heath is a historic stretch of heathland that provides one of the best vantage points for city views. There are natural swimming ponds, green meadows, and shaded woodlands inside the 320-ha property.

The vista is among the best reason of climbing Parliament Hill, the name given to the southeast corner of Hampstead Heath. For the whole experience, pack food from bakeries and delis on the High Street and have a picnic. On the way back down, stop at the Holly Bush, an old and eerie bar where you may cozy up next to a raging log fire.

9. The Shard

The Shard

Since The Shard’s completion in 2012, both locals and tourists in London have fallen in love with this beautiful tower. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the 69th and 72nd floors’ viewing platforms; on a clear day, you can see for 40 kilometers beyond the capital and beyond.

Upgrade from ordinary tickets to prestige packages, which come with exclusive use of the venue, champagne, chocolates, and a lovely floral arrangement, if you want to splash out. For that particular event, rose petals and candles create a romantic atmosphere.

10. Emirates Air Line Royal Docks

Emirates Air Line Royal Docks

The Emirates Airline cable car crosses the Thames to connect the Royal Docks with the peninsula of Greenwich. You will both enjoy a bird’s eye view of East London and the City while on this romantic ride for couples, taking in the spectacular modern cityscape that includes the unique O2 and the Canary Wharf buildings. It offers the finest value of things to do in London for couples. To proceed, simply tap your Oyster card as you would on the Tube.

It is also the highest vantage point over the river and is especially breathtaking at night when artificial lighting makes London sparkle. Catch your flight after 7 pm when staff members provide you more time to enjoy the scenery together by slowing the cable car down a little.


Above are top 10 things to do in London for couples. Hopefully, you and your partner will have great moments by your sides.

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