Top 5 delicious and cheap places to eat in London


London, England travel is regarded as one of the most expensive experiences. However, by finding affordable lodging, looking for low-cost flights, taking the public transportation, having a set travel budget, and eating sensibly, you can still visit London alone and on a budget. The following are some self-sufficient, reasonably priced, and wonderful places to eat in London you should check out while visiting.

Some delicious and cheap places to eat in London

Berwick Street Market

Delicious and cheap places to eat in London- Berwick Street Market

In the center of Soho, between Broadwick Street and Peter Street, is Berwick Street Market, a true London street market. When visiting London, England, this market is available to serve you at any time. It is open from Monday to Friday, and the stalls’ opening times vary. Nevertheless, there are always some great and affordable places to eat in London whenever you require.

The unique quality that ranks this market at the top of the list of inexpensive places to eat in London, England cannot be overlooked is the fact that a filling, delectable lunch will only run you about 5 pounds. Banhmi11 serves Vietnamese sandwiches, Pizza Pilgrims serves heated pizza, and Tongue ‘n Cheek serves mouthwatering pork burgers. There are also numerous stores providing sweets, fruits, and noodles here. Indian, Chinese, and Thai. In other words, you won’t have to worry about going hungry or running out of money if you visit the renowned traditional street market in London, England.

Borough Market

When visiting London, England, Borough Market is one of the best places to enjoy delectable, affordable, and high-quality food. You can sample cuisine from all around the world in addition to traditional foods from the UK here. One of the busiest markets in England is Borough Market.

Similar to Berwick Street Market, you can get lunch in Borough Market for £5 and enjoy other delicious street foods in London at incredibly low costs. The market is only open for lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am – 3pm; on Thursday, it is open from 11am to 5pm; on Friday, it is open from 11am to 6pm; and on Saturday, it is open from 8am to 5pm.

Borough Market

You can use the following addresses, eateries, and shops for excellent, affordable, high-quality cuisine when visiting London, England’s Borough Market:

Spanish deli Brindisa: For only £3.75, you can get a delectable chorio sandwich from the Spanish deli Brindisa, which includes spicy Spanish sausage, a bittersweet lettuce, and sweet and sour piquillo peppers. For £5, you can also purchase a sandwich with minced duck at Le Marché du Quartier.

Ginger Pig: Sausage rolls are available at the store for for £3.50.

Northfield Farm: When visiting the UK, it is the place to go for authentic Italian cuisine in the center of London. The restaurant’s signature dish is salted beef sandwiches on authentic Italian ciabatta bread with pickles and mustard. This delicious treat costs between £5 and £6.

Kappacasein: Where you can have a grilled cheese sandwich and a pint of dry cider for around £7.50.

Total Organics: A restaurant that specializes in serving vegetarian meals with a focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables. A dinner of tarts, a vegetable salad, and fruit juice costs about £5 here.

Arabica Food & Spice: For 4 pounds, you may have the well-known, excellent falafel or authentic Turkish baklava.

You should visit this Borough Market in London, UK, in addition to these delectable, affordable, and healthy dining options, don’t forget to stroll the market as well to sample more delectable fare.

London Grind

London Grind coffee bar

With a short menu of foods that are suitable for dining throughout the day, this modern industrial restaurant is perfectly situated to serve both the city and visitors to adjacent Borough Market (arrive before 12 if you want breakfast). The main courses bridge the brunch-lunch gap with dishes like sweet potato harissa cakes, flat iron chicken with baby potatoes, a superb burger, or steak with Béarnaise, if you like. Small plates include chorizo and smoked cheese croquettes. The coffee at London Grind is top-notch, as one would expect from a company that was founded on flat whites. One of the three house drinks centered on coffee must be ordered if it is drink o’clock, notably the old fashioned.

Fitzrovia, Camden

Carousel restaurant in London

Despite having the feel of a neighborhood restaurant because to its laid-back atmosphere and cozy yet understated decor, Carousel is more than that. By night, visiting chefs go in and transform the kitchen with fresh methods and ingredients. The lunch menus are a seasonal parade of delights, together with his own philosophy about food and a joyful enthusiasm of creating wonderful dishes. With small meals and desserts starting at £5, it’s very reasonably priced. Snacks start at £3.50.

Expect foraged ingredients, like the sea herbs used in this starter, cross-cultural cuisine, like the use of Spanish tomatoes and Japanese stock in the same dish, as well as the best ingredients prepared in straightforward dishes that are packed with flavor—this grilled chicken is a stunner. The best churros you’ve ever had are also made by him.

Clipstone- Fitzrovia

Clipstone- Fitzrovia, London

With sharing and small dishes and food that is flavorful and assertive, Clipstone has a neighborhood vibe. It’s about having the assurance that you’ll pay a fair amount for a delicious lunch or supper paired with outstanding wine. Simple hardwood floors, tables, and chairs make up the room’s dcor. The open kitchen has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. On the bar, there are jars of pickled and fermented fruits and vegetables. There is no excessive adornment to divert your attention; the cooking is the main focus. Drinking wine by the glass there is more affordable and cost-effective thanks to their on-tap selection.


The five addresses of places to eat in London listed above are the best places to find delicious, affordable, and well-known food markets and restaurants when visiting London, UK. You may explore and enjoy a variety of places in London, England as well as other some delectable cuisine.

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